An Invisible Skyscraper Set to Arise in South Korea

PMBC Group

In a tech-savvy generation, it seems as if every new architectural building aims to out do its predecessor by setting a new benchmark with some sort of unprecedented icon, but have you ever heard of an invisible skyscraper?

In Seoul, South Korea, U.S.-based GDS Architects received Permit approval for construction near Incheon International Airport. What does this mean exactly? The future skyscraper, which stands 1,476 feet tall and is being dubbed Tower Infinity, will be constructed glass heavy and contain LED Façade and cameras projecting the surroundings from behind the building onto its front. The building will also have the third highest observation deck in the world.

The Tower Infinity will provide Seoul’s skyline with luxury, entertainment and transparency. The state-of-the-art skyscraper will include a water park, movie theaters, and restaurants. There is also an open floor plan floor which will allow individuals to look many levels down.


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