Assignments – Week Two

Josh Morey

3 Architecture photos

_MG_4922 _MG_4936 _MG_4933

I tried finding lines of symettry for your eyes to follow in the two Images.

I wanted to try applying Miguels tactic about breaking the “Rule” about a Horizontal or Vertical Horizon in the picture of  the George Pearl Hall Courtyard, and honestly i love how it came out. It adds a very new dynamic to the picture.

I call this one The Iron Mans Inspiration, I wanted to give the structure in front of the sub a different view. So the idea came to me about viewing it from the Iron mans point of view, the sun reflecting off the tall sculpture and lens glare make it even better.

While I was Photographing the courtyard steps in George Pearl Hall I turned around to try something new and saw this really awesome wooden sculpture. I tried to give peoples eyes something to follow as…

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