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I’ve been super lazy lately. So much so that my weekends have been full of video games and re-watching television shows. It’s sad but my boss left on a 4-week vacation to Brazil and guess who took over all of his work? That’d be me. Two weeks ago we actually did stuff though.
_DSC1274 On Friday, the hubs met me at work and we went to Cafe Pub Atmosphere (Smetanovo Nábřeží 14) which literally had every table reserved or taken which was super disappointing as we both were craving their corn-flake Parmesan chicken fingers with a chive sauce. So, we walked around until we were both super irritated from hunger and we decided to eat at Cafe Slavia (Národní 1012/2).
1272 & 1279Once there Walter ordered his regular staple of Svíčková (sirloin made with a veggie sauce served with a side of bread dumplings and cranberry sauce). It was like Thanksgiving in my mouth. I…

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