Kristin Everett




Ever dreamt of playing in clouds? Well, thanks to Tetsuo Kondo + TRANSSOLAR / Matthias Schuler you can. This seemingly simple (yet scientifically complex) installation at the Sunken Garden of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo certainly touches on my romantic side. To experience a cloud first hand would be quite the treat…

From the Architect…

‘Climb the stairs inside the clouds’ container. When you climb beyond the clouds to reach the top, the museum,
 the surrounding buildings, and the sky stretch out above the clouds. The edges of the clouds are sharp yet soft, and always in motion. Their colour, density and brightness are constantly changing in tune with the weather and time of day. The temperature and humidity inside the container are controlled to keep the clouds at their designed height. The air inside the container forms three distinct strata, one cool and dry, at the bottom, a…

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