Crown of the World (part two)

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I’m going to keep the subjects of this post brief, so that overall this post won’t be overly long.

Also on a side note I’ve developed a habit for Swiss dark chocolate.

Upon leaving Vals we doglegged to Bregenz, Austria to see Peter Zumthor’s Kunsthaus. The Kunsthaus is a modern art museum that is part of a wider museum movement, led by KUB, to exhibit modern art not in the traditional way, but in ways unique to each show. The purpose is to strengthen the exhibits by altering the gallery to show the work as it demands and not altered to meet the demands of the space. It was a beautiful building of concrete clad in thick sheets of green, translucent glass. Each of its four above ground floors are made of the smoothest concrete surfaces I had ever touched. The ceilings were made of hung tiles of translucent glass…

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