Derelict Detroit, or is it?

Prince Cavallo

I’m sure that we have all heard on the news that Detroit has gone from the wealthiest city in the United State in the 1960’s to being officially Bankrupt in 2013.  It is a terrible state of affairs that a whole city and it’s inhabitants should be in such dire straits, and it is more than likely yet another example (although an extreme one) of political laziness and corruption.

One of the inevitable casualties of this situation is the city’s historic buildings.  Without the necessary money to maintain and/or restore them they are falling into disrepair and dereliction.  Many cities and towns will have a least one building of historical interest and many have had great buildings bulldozed over the years – usually in the name of progress, but actually due to a simple lack of imagination.  If an interesting building has to be demolished it should at least be…

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