do you know that vacant lot at the corner of macklind and shaw?  its right across from the park, over there?  i like it.  i want it.  i haven’t talked to the owner of it yet, but i call dibs.

so, like any time i get amped about anything, i got all OCD and worked through a design in a couple days.  this is what could be…

everyone i’ve shown this to says the same thing; ‘good luck building that in the hill.’  and i say ‘thanks, i appreciate your good will.’  see, i believe in progression and trust that my italian neighbors will see the value in keeping the area vibrant.  the new construction that has been built here in the last few years has been, uh, crummy.  you just cant build a new house to look like a 100 year old house without looking false.  so look to…

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