Mayan Civilisation: Unprecedented Constructions

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Like many other ancient civilisations, such as the Greeks and Egyptians, the Maya have astonished millions with their unique and spectacular style of architecture. Spanning several thousand years, the Maya built large cities from their growth and power from their religious and bureaucratic practices. One city in particular, Chichen Itza, is Mexico’s largest tourist destination for an archaeological site with an estimated 1.2 million visitors each year!

Images of Chichen Itza

One of the most noticeable creations of the Maya are their distinctive stepped pyramids. These pyramids were built to dedicate deity’s, whose shrine sat on the peak of the pyramid, some towering over two-hundred feet tall, for example El Mirador. Like other marvelling constructions, its amazing how this ancient civilisation could build such amazing infrastructures. Something that can be speculated to be unimaginable in today’s age with our technology, theoretical knowledge and practices.

El Mirador Jaguar temple

El Mirador

In addition, to housing…

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