Paper construction for temporary structures.

INmatteria | A dissection of innovative materials

Shigeru Ban, a japanese Architect that has been building with paper since the 1980’s, long before environmental issues arouse, has established this unique technique of creating structural, insulative and fire proof structure out of just paper tubes. Ban just finished this impressive cardboard Cathedral in New Zealand perfectly showing his paper tubes. In his most recent presentation at TED Talks, he explains the way he understands Architecture and how many Architects just focus on designing for rich people who want to display their wealth and do not pay attention to natural disasters where design needs to be further thought because of the need, the speed of the need and how many shelters can you build. Take for example Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s disaster and many other events.

This is why materials have to be thought of and perfectly selected according to its use. Means and methods can be perfectly designed by…

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