The Buonconsiglio Castle at Trento

chrispy thoughts

I spent the first week of September in Trento participating in a conference on the health assessment of timber structures. I must say that the venue of the conference couldn’t have been better because the autonomous province of Trento has a rich history of building with timber. As part of the conference, a guided tour to the Buonconsiglio castle- Trento’s best known landmark, had been arranged for all the attendees.

From a distance, the Buonconsiglio Castle appears to be a single entity, but as you get closer, you will notice that is more of a complex- an amalgamation of three different  structures. In the image below, you can see the Castelvicchio (the grey stone portion with the tower on the left) and the Magno Palazzo ( the part in white masonry on the right). The portion connecting the Castelvicchio and the Magno Palazzo is called the Guinta Albertiana, which is…

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