Redesigning our Master Bathroom!

Melinda's House

Here we go, I think we’ve passed the halfway mark in my quest to show off all our plans for our renovation (Overall floorplanEntryway, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Hall Bath.)

Well, maybe not, but after today most of the rooms left over are a little less labor intensive to document the changes in (…Front Bedroom, Back Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Living Room…) so I’m going to count this as a victory anyway.  :)

Wait, I guess there’s also still the front yard, back yard, and garage…. Pfffft.  Well. No use thinking about it. On with the 3d plans!

I think it looks cozy. I worry that perhaps it skews a bit 1970’s, but Stu loves it so what can ya do?  :)

Stu also really loved the idea of adding a cedar ceiling to this room. I want to do more research on cedar ceilings…

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