08 | accent


What’s a room without some green in it, greeneries play an important role to a room and it only seems complete with a touch of green. Wether it is a faux or real, wether it is the emphasis of the room or just a little extra decoration, wether it is in a modern or minimalist scheme, I find that incorporating nature  in a room would really make a difference aesthetically and emotionally. It’s pleasing in the eye, especially in my eyes… or I guess this is just my obsession with plants and flowers.

08 - accent (e)

So what I did this time is I’m kind of making my own plant deco. Instead of going out and getting a vase, I dig and search throughout the house and found milk and pudding bottles on the fridge. I drank the milk and asked my mum to eat the pudding quickly (tee-hee thank you mom!) and…

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