A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Dash of Pink

We put up some art on our walls!  Woohoo!  File this under simple cheap upgrades.  I’m not too sure why we had been putting this off for so long, since it really only amounted to about 20 minutes of work to hang everything thus far.

First I tried to recreate our Black & White photo setup up above our desk (this was the idea of the Chicago canvas on top, lined up with the tango couple and Eiffel Tower posters below).  Um, yeah, those posters are gorgeous, but getting a bit cumbersome.  And a little torn.  I thought I would try sticky tack since it’s touted as a much cleaner and easier way to stick up posters (and supposedly leaves no residue), but it was kind of a fail.  So, I gave up on the posters and packed them away.  But the canvases were due to go up.  So, we…

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