A Unique Mélange Of Glass And Textile

Hungarian Success Stories

Glasstextile_1A little less than a year ago, I introduced you to textile and glass textile creations by Andrea Hegedus. Her recently developed method is very unique and at the time of the last article Andrea has just started to introduce glass textile to the market. This time I was interested to find out more about the creative process, how this niche market is developing from the designer’s perspective and of course a bit more about Andrea.

Hungarian Success Stories (HSS): A short while ago you have created a unique mix of glass and textile that is considered a very niche market. Can you please tell us how the idea came to develop this special product and what was the initial reaction of the market?

Andrea Hegedus (AH): Around 2008 I was involved in a project with the goal to redesign a former textile factory (Goldberger factory). Premises of the factory…

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