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To create a cozy corner in your home! Seriously, i adore books and i need unlimited space to store them! Nothing’s better than a confortable couch, maybe a quilt in these days, a cup of chocolate and .. a good book!
Today i want to recreate a dreamy atmosphere with a “collage” of my bookcases shots taken in the past years .. Hoping that you’ll be inspired!

salone del mobile 2010 003

Curved walls to create movement in the living or/and separate  rooms;

Contrast between one main colour (White) and warm shades (Brown – Chocolate and Terra di Siena) make the ambience really cozy. Suffused lights and some cushion make the rest.

IMG_2873  salone del mobile 2010 010

I like the asymmetric spaces in a volume like a bookcase: for the eyes is less boring!


Main color White, combined with Black (or shades of grey) and steel materials/objects is a evergreen. Maybe a little “anonymous”.

Let’s warm the grey thones with…

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