We’ve been stripping and I’m going to tell you ever dirty detail.

Stripping the paint off of door knobs that is and like everything else in the house they were filthy! Almost all the knobs in the house are original (or at least very old) and a little google-ing tells me they’re made of red mineral clay coated in a thick black glaze. These types of knobs are sometimes called Ebony or Jet. Doorknobs definitely aren’t the first things I think of when I see the words Ebony and Jet – the doorknob folks obviously need to work on their branding.

knob stripping 1 before

Almost all the knobs in the house were also covered in paint which is somewhat less cool. A few look like they were just accidentally grazed when the walls and doors were being painted but some are coated so thoroughly it had to be on purpose. And since we…

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