A Jewel in the East’s Crown

In this little corner of the world

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Ask anyone living in the Eastern suburbs and they will tell you their earthquake story feels a bit like a tale of two cities. On one side is the rest of the city, who not completely, but largely faired better overall in the quakes and then well… there is them.

The devastation in this area of the city is unmissable. In parts like my old neighbourhood of Bexley (now red zoned and uninhabitable) the suburb has dropped by over a metre and sits lower than the river that flows beside it.

Loss, grief and legal wrangles with insurance companies loom large. Life remains a struggle for many, living in cold, damp, broken homes still nearly three years on because of insurers playing hard ball and funds tied up in these properties that would otherwise be able to be used elsewhere. The government has largely left it to the market to…

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