As the Bird Flies: Guide to Rotterdam

Ferry to Holland

We asked Stena Line superfan and Dutch resident Frankie Thomson of As the Bird Flies to give her top tips of things to do in Rotterdam. Here’s what she told us…

Things to do in Rotterdam

Just over thirty minutes away from the Hook of Holland, the city of Rotterdam lies in wait… waiting for you to discover its charms.

Thanks partly to an excellent and affordable public transport network – a three day travel card on buses, trams and the Metro is just 14 Euros – but mostly due to a plethora of things to do, Rotterdam is a city not to be overlooked in favour of its better known “big brother” Amsterdam.

Incredibly easy to get to and incredibly easy to like, here are seven things to do to get a feel for the city, its history, its culture and its fantastic foodie scene.

Go up the Euromast

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