Blog d’Bombay . Week Three


I saw the rain before leaving the apartment but decided to venture out none the less. Surely one average sized umbrella will suffice? Nope. No is the definite answer to that question when you ask it in Mumbai. The other day demonstrated monsoon rain at its finest, a vortex of wind and rain ripping into you from all sides. I still felt wet a good ten hours later. I enjoyed walking through the soaked city though. It is an entirely different place. Roads become fully submerged under the serpentine flow of rain water. Dry guttering transforms into exploding water hydrants. The run off from the high story buildings is colossal. If you were to walk under some of the torrents I am positive your umbrella would tear, not that it was doing much good anyway. Not something I will forget quickly.

20131023-152336.jpgOn a few of the the hotter & considerably…

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