Cowtown Renaissance: Creating a Downtown Plan That Gave Texans a Place to Walk


Our post from October 22 gave a brief history of how we came to be involved in three decades of planning and architecture in Fort Worth, TX. This second installation on our work in Fort Worth delves into some of the planning issues we encountered and provides some background on several of the more important projects that came about and helped spark the renaissance of downtown Fort Worth.

Fort Worth’s humble beginnings were not unlike a lot of frontier towns – it started as a military outpost located along a major river before some opportunistic land speculators platted the original blocks and lots and sold them to the town’s earliest settlers.  Fort Worth became a stop along the Chisolm Trail and thus a bustling cattle business evolved, bringing the town its first real prosperity and the nickname of “Cowtown”.

In 1917, the discovery of oil 90 miles to the west…

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