DETROIT…….Houses that are Homes

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My sister, Wini, and I drove around our old neighborhood……..and this is what is left of it…….and some people are actually living in these houses.

CLICK ON TO SEE MORE:      Detroit City Tour of Ghetto (final cut) – YouTube

I was born in this house on the corner of Alexanderine and Cass Ave.  Looks like someone is trying to restore it.

This reminds me of the time that City Marshals evicted us for non-payment of rent.  A neighbor let us move into their garage in the alley.  Then local kids broke into the garage and stole it all.

Three little kids were on their porch.  We gave them a pumpkin………and they ran inside.

Sidewalks grown over……ghostly !  The entire city block looks like this.  Only 3 houses left standing.

The man who lives in here came out and shooed us away.

A guy came out and told…

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