How to hang an exhibition.

Hundven-Clements Photography

1– Carefully edit your art. Too many examples will weaken the overall experience. Remember the exhibition is only as good as the weakest element!

2- Consider how to engage the audience within the space. Presenting variable sized art forces the viewer to physically move closer and further away from the art. This breaks the viewing rhythm and can keep the viewer engaged for a longer period.


Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, UK

3- To frame or not to frame. Aesthetics, visual weight and cost are all considerations when assessing how to present paintings, images or other types of art. Placement in a frame historically adds an impression of value and importance. If presenting images it is a good idea to have them mounted on aluminium or foamex, to increase stability. Many contemporary artists however prefer unframed art as it allows the audience to focus on the artists work. If you decide to…

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