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While the Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh has a lot of great architecture, it does not have a lot of open space.  And unfortunately, the highway builders got to the waterfront before the open-space planners.

However, what they do have is being renovated.  Market Square is attracting new development, and even the mirror-glass curtain wall of the PPG centre is being replaced along the sidewalks (no doubt over the architect’s objection if he was still alive) so that potential customers can actually see inside.



???????????????????????????????The historically significant Mellon Square Park (map here) is under renovation – said to be the first modernist park built on top of a parking garage, arguably one of the first ‘green roofs’.  The square is surrounded by a fine collection of buildings from the early 20th-century – and one other modernist landmark: the 1953 Alcoa Building (now the Regional Enterprise Center, right). The…

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