Inthought – Eleven – People in architecture photos?


Not so much a telling, as an asking today…

People in architecture photos? As Marketing Manager I have to attend courses designed to help get me into the heads of the people who hold the work, to think as they do. Although it sounds a little pseudo-James Bond, sadly it’s not, it’s just that old friend, common sense.

An interesting point came up at the last session I attended. People in architectural photographs, is it a good thing or a bad thing? From a marketing perspective it’s great, you want to see people integrating and reacting with a building, that’s going to make the person viewing the image think ‘Hey, these guys are great, look how much people are enjoying their building.’ However, there’s a flip side. Moving away from the architecture and focusing on the people can diminish the impact of the building itself, and surely that’s what you…

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