It’s a Wonderful World (Part 2)

Kahit ekonomista nagmamahal din!

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

The Tunnel of Love, located in Ukraine, used to be just another train rail section. Eventually, it turned into one of the most romantic spots on Earth as trees were left to grow freely around the rails and was left to be shaped up by the passing train crossing the Kleven village forest back and forth three times a day.
Today the Tunnel of Love is highly popular among lovers and is believed that whenever a couple with sincere love cross the tunnel while holding each other’s hands, their wishes will come true, (Bored Panda, 2013).

The Arbour, South Bank Parklands in Queensland, Australia

The Arbour consists of 443 curling steel columns covered in bouganvilleas which flower throughout the year. The arbour stretches for 1 km from Vulture Street to the Cultural Forecourt and functions as a pedestrian walkway. Source: Wikipedia

St. George’s Abbey in the…

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