Mary Todd Lincoln Shopped Here


The E.V. Haughwout Building, corner of Broome & Broadway, SoHo, New York City

It’s a 5-story ,commercial loft building built in 1857 with cast-iron facades. It originally housed Eder V. Haughwout’s fashionable emporium, which sold imported cut glass and silverware as well as its own handpainted china and fine chandeliers. At the time of the opening, Haughwout & Co. was also the sole importer of champagne from the French vineyards of De Venoge & Co.

haughwout building 1859

The building was different from other cast-iron buildings of the time: because it fronted on two streets, it would need two cast-iron facades, the weight of which might bring down the structure. Rather than hanging the facades off the brickwork the designers used the strength of the cast-iron itself to support the building. This use of a structural metal frame was a precursor to the steel-framed skyscrapers that would start to be built in the…

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