mumbai marine drive

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Marine Drive, Also known as the “QUEEN’S NECKLACE” after the glittering string of streetlights lining the road. Marine Road sweeps along Back Bay, is a skillfully laid-out boulevard in South Mumbai. It is actually an upturned ‘C’-shaped six lane concrete road, which lengthens to 3 km along the coastline – a natural bay. Situated over domesticated land, facing west-south-west, its coastline forms the part of the Arabian Sea.

At sunset, as the sun sets, the lights come on- and they form what is called “Queens Necklace” around Back Bay. Watching the sun set is a highlight.

At nights, Marine Drive looks stunning illuminated, with lights and if seen from some elevated point beside the road, it appears like a necklace with street lights resembling a string of pearls. “



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