Oblivion – Cities we don’t remember

Diaphanous Architecture

Thinking about the concept of oblivion and architecture, I thought about another city that we can’t remember anymore. In Oblivion the destroyed landscapes and cities are the futuristic vision. However, after WWII Warsaw was actually completely destroyed by Nazis. The trailer of the movie that I am posting below shows an example of how the memories of the city can be brought back. The directors of these movie are the first in the world to design an entire city completely from scratch in a 3d version and made a movie about city that was destroyed. They take us back in a journey to the past – precisely 1935.

Later on, I watched a conference with the main movie maker, Tomasz Gomola.

At 15:17, starts really interesting moment of the  talk, presenting the past and the future in juxtaposition. How existing city would look like, how would it blend with architecture…

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