October 24, 2013 … a day out of the box

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The cruise liner got lucky.

It came and went on the one fine day in this week’s forecast.  I was on my way to have lunch in town with a good friend and former colleague. I had to drop an emergency lunch pack at Normandale School for my grandson, Cooper, who had lost his lunch (later found in the refrigerator at home). This brought me onto Dowse Drive in Maungaraki, from where the harbour was calm and clear.

Having arrived in the city ahead of schedule, I wandered the streets with my camera, and was thus mistakenly identified on two occasions as a passenger from the Sun Princess. In Lambton Quay, I happened to glance skywards and saw a spectacular cloudscape. I am told by an authoritative meteorological source, that these are altocumulus clouds. The patterns had dissipated with about 20 minutes.

Down at ground level, the denizens of the…

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