Postcards from Shanghai and Beijing at momfilter



I’m once again over at momfilter today, a lifestyle blog for families, created by Pilar Guzmán and Yolanda Edwards, the founding editors of the now-defunct, but still-beloved, Cookie Magazine. “Postcards from Shanghai and Beijing” is the third of several short reflections on travel and family.

An excerpt:

China, perhaps, doesn’t strike families as the ideal vacation destination. China isn’t family-friendly, as we in the West define that term, with our insistence on high chairs or children’s menus. Rather, it’s literally friendly to families; those traveling with children are welcomed and treated with extraordinary and humbling graciousness.

Our week-long sojourn took us to Shanghai and Beijing. We were told that we would have much difficulty getting around given the language barrier. Despite living in Singapore, where the lingua franca is English but where a large percentage of the population speak Mandarin, the extent of our Mandarin is “hello”…

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