Red Windows in Paris

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These gorgeous windows belong to l’Hôtel de Sens in the Marais area of Paris.

This hôtel particulier was built by Archbishop Tristan Salazar between 1475 and 1519 to be the home and power base in Paris for the archbishopric of Sens.  Unfortunately, he died in 1519 and after his death the building had something of a mixed history.

Most famously, it became the home of Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615), who took up residence in 1605 after her marriage to Henry IV was annulled. Queen Margot, as she became known, was famous for her hedonistic life and many lovers; if walls could speak…

Paris became an archbishopric in 1622, thus weakening the power of Sens, and the building was rented out.  It was home to a number of transport businesses, a canning factory, a jam factory and a glassworks.

Apart from the debauchery of Queen Margot, the building’s other main claim to fame came in…

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