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Fulton Market, 10.23.13

I had a weird revelation today about the process to become an architect. Never will I realize how hard this has been, unless it’s all built up inside of me and I explode alone or in front of someone else (preferably alone). I thought maybe 5 years at a tech school would have been a good success, which it was. I wish I went back to school with the knowledge I know now, for then I knew nothing. That’s how it always is.

A paper degree isn’t enough, nor is graduating into a shitty market and settling for a job you’re overqualified for. 8 interviews later, I’ll end up at a beautiful firm with happy management, never kicking me down.

Maybe I’m a little further than halfway, which feels hopeful.

What’s next is the equivalent of another 3 years of working, 8-5, some days so boring I…

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