The Plan: India

Leo Castillo Travels the World

The trip is almost upon us!!!

So I’m getting a lot more questions now on what I’ll actually be doing for the trip. Well, to make it faster, I’ll tell you my plans!

So let’s talk about the first country in my list: INDIA!!

India is a fascinating country when conversations come up in world wide travel. Some people I’ve talked to are clear that they will NEVER go to India. They’ve heard some not-so-good things, and have sworn it off. Some people I’ve talked to absolutely LOVE India and they’ve either visited it many times or are looking forward to a grand trip someday.

India fit the bill for a country in this particular trip. It’s very different from all the other countries I’ve been to, and I’m not sure if I have people who’d join me if I asked them too. Either way this trip goes, it looks…

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