They don’t make em’ like you no more//

The Stead

One of the many things that I find really extraordinary in our home is the huge wooden nails that poke through the beams holding the most original parts of the house together…

In the 1700’s most of the nails used were the “square peg nails” that you can see in my floors|


When the job required a larger nail these little ones just weren’t enough…

Metal and steel were extremely hard to find and very expensive. Most of the homes built at this time were held together by these huge wooden nails like this one in my bedroom… During the Victorian period, they chose to cover up the beams and anything too rustic. This was true in our home as well. Luckily, the owners before us took pride in uncovering the homes original beauty and took down the horse hair plaster and uncovered the beautiful timeless architecture… We are so…

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