Trying Not to Blend In


My whole life I have tried hard to not fit in, well maybe that isn’t the right way of saying it, but I didn’t want to be someone that people overlooked because I didn’t stand out.  I would wear clothes that would make people notice me, don’t worry I didn’t wear anything over the top, well only once or twice.  I don’t know why I was like that, perhaps something to do with the family I grew up in and the feeling of never being good enough.  Not something I need to discuss here, but you get the idea.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5620So today I thought I would talk about that idea as an artist and how hard we try to stand out from what is around us.  Last week, was it last week, I said something about how someone had said nothing was original anymore, it had all been done before.  It…

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