05 Aerotopia







Aerotopia come from the Greek works aero (aeris: air), topia (topos: place) and we are concerned with the skeptical human attitude about flying where the airport becomes a place of connection between sky and ground.  We attempt to create a collaborative environment using a design system derived from organic growth, thus transforming the precinct at different stages of its development.

The node is the social heart of Aerotopia. It involves collaborative works zones such as the auditorium, exhibition zones, and the central atrium which evoke synergistic relationship between various workers and visitors. It is designed to accommodate offices above ground level where people have to go through these zones. These spaces are frames of ‘work-play’ environments previously explored in our initial researches. The height difference is blurred in the Node, the atrium accessed from ground level, café roof inclined towards the sky, shared meeting rooms…

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