FIELDWORKING | Aspley: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek


PROLOGUE: Straight, Forward
ASPLEY, AU: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek
CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial


A walk through my suburb of Aspley and surrounds. In part, I hoped to develop my experience of this place and discover different ways of being here. I was aware from my regular walking and cycling that public artworks and other cultural forms were located around the creek and pathways. It’s important to note that this walk is intended to somehow replicate the experience of just walking – of ruminating, walking, noticing, sensing and curiosity. I was interested in understanding how ‘the public’ or ‘the shared’ plays out in a suburban environment where greyfield and residential development dominates the natural corridors and ecological remnants. How do such cultural and ecological forms and networks interact? I was curious about how place is marked in the suburbs, the changing register of site…

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