Hong Kong IFC Shopping Mall

Peter Yu

This summer I went away with my family to Hong Kong and China. The weather was absolutely unbearable, even in shorts and a vest top. The only way to tackle that problem was to stay indoors where there is air conditioning :D, I spent most my time avoiding the outdoors as much as possible, the weather was just not for me. So I just traveled around by MTR and public bus which was fine.

Sadly, these are some of the only images I took with my Canon 600D when I went to the IFC (International Finance Centre) shopping mall, it was 38 degrees! Carrying too much around in the hot weather wasn’t very enjoyable. Not to worry though, I took some more photos on my phone! Yay 🙂 I will upload those when I have finished editing them.

Looked back at this photo and saw the woman having a nap…

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