Three skips down

A Londoner In Dorset

Back in London, we used to walk round looking for other people’s skips. Chances were they would be throwing out something we could make use of, and there was no shortage of skips to choose from in some areas.
We always thought of skips as a good thing. When they moved into an area, you could be sure the price of houses would begin to rise. John often found a ‘nice piece of wood’ lurking in their dusty carcass. Once or twice, when we were first married, back in the 70s, we even found a coffee table good enough to use.

As the work on our house has progressed, there have been three skips standing in the street, one after the other. One neighbours have all seemed very positive about the experience. Clearly, they too are aware of the house price theory!
But they also hoped we would be throwing…

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