These are the visuals, I`ve done, not all are good but it was good experimentation, they are all made from stills we`ve taken of the sculpture with some post production in Photoshop. There are a lot of them, And I think I prefer the most the 1st image which has a plethora of filters and effects applied to it, I`ll soon produce more but, I`m busy learning film-making now, it`s a slow and tedious process…therockwtfgrafiti1234j567891011121314basref34basreliefbasrelief2basrelief3bestdafuq edgeextrude1extrude2extrude3extrudepir1  frescoglowglowedge2glowinagesglowing edgesglowlolglowultraglwoshitlolextrude  neonlolp[lastic2painted (2)paintedpalletepallete2121palletegernnpenphortoplasticplastic2plasticneonstainless

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