Cozy Friday

Le Corbeau Branché

Cozy Friday Le Corbeau Branché

Cozy Friday 
This Friday is supposed to be a non-working one, but unfortunately not for me. I woke up at 8AM as usual and I’m stuck home working hard.
That’s the bad side of being a freelancer: holidays do not really exist, they’re just a fictitious concept. But, hey, being a freelancer is pretty cool.
For example I can drink tea and watching my favorite series while writing and no one can tell me what to do (except for my dog Smilla who asks me for attentions all day long).
Even when I don’t have work meetings outside, I get dressed, I put my make up on and I pretend to be at the office, because it helps me to stay concentrated on what I do.
Today is a cold cozy day here in Paris and all I need is a cup of…

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